Manchester Construction Boom Continues

October 26, 2020 at 2:09 pm by admin | Posted in Uncategorized

Manchester is about to finish another strong year of construction completions despite the Coronavirus pandemic. That’s because crews were still making progress in the North West, while most industries ground to a halt. And that says a lot about the state of the industry’s health.

Slow Start for Manchester Construction

Interestingly, officials at the Manchester Chamber of Commerce had said the number of new construction projects was drying up. Then there was the Brexit situation that created even more concerns within the business community. Things were looking pretty bad.

However, Manchester had 50 tower cranes by the end of June 2020 according to the SkyscraperCity forum. This number was down from 80 cranes last year, but that’s more action than most cities will see this year. Projects range from rental apartments, bridges, office blocks and more.

Demand for Residential Buildings

The residential sector seems to be the driving force behind construction Manchester, with last year seeing 27 new additions to the city’s apartment portfolio. That is the highest number ever recorded.

Some of the most notable schemes of 2019 include the Deansgate Square, a part of Manchester Life and the Trinity Blackfriars. There is also a residential building for students with 384 beds from Vita Student at Circle Square.

This year, we expect to see another 8,880 residential units completed. If this happens, it will be the highest delivery from construction Manchester since the Crane Survey begun in 1999.

This residential construction boom has also created desirable neighbourhoods along the way. Places such as the New Islington and Ancoats have benefited immensely and are now turning into vibrant communities.

On top of that, the construction sector in Manchester has also contributed to the city’s economic growth. It employs roughly 50,000 people which makes up 6.8% of its economy. And, the appetite for new high-rise buildings will only increase from here.

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